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UnRestrict lets you browse the web anonymously! Free proxy sites make it easy to protect your IP, secure you web connect, and prevent you from leaving vital information on sites you visit. Web proxies allow you to access virtually any site you wish from work or school without having to worry about firewalls or internet browsing restrictions.

A proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between two connections. It can be in the form of a physical computer or a software application. The proxy receives requests from its clients and then performs the request to the target server. To make it simple, a proxy server faces the other computer networks or servers and acts as if it was the client thus the name "proxy". Sometimes it provides the clients' request without contacting the target network or server. For example, if the client requests the current time from a different server, the proxy will act as if it was the one asking the question and then it will return the answer to the client.

What is a Proxy?

There are many uses for a proxy server. The most common reason why many internet users use a proxy server is anonymity. Since a proxy will act on behalf the client, the client will not be exposed to the other network. Usage of proxies is a proven way to enforce security not only to clients but to computer networks as well.

Another reason is to let clients access some internet sites or domains that are blocked. The internet service provider of the user usually blocks those websites. Sometimes the network administrator that handles the client's network does the blocking. Alternatively, some users use proxy servers to bypass security protocols and parental controls imposed on the client's network or computer.

Freeproxy.net, as the name might suggest, is a free web proxy. It allows users to access any websites he or she desires without the worry that they will leave any information that may result into phishing, hacking, or identity theft online. It prevents the user's IP from being exposed on the websites they are browsing by giving them an alternative IP address. With this, freeproxy.net can assure the user that he or she will be safe from any malicious attacks caused by websites that profit on user information.

Another thing that this website can do is that it can allow access to any websites that are blocked or restricted. For example, common company or school computers that have strict policies on browsing websites will usually have Facebook restricted or blocked from access. With freeproxy.net, all the user needs to do is type the address on their address box and access the website. There is no need for any special configuration to be done or any programs to be installed. In addition, it is free and is very safe to use.

The internet is not a safe place for personal information. There are many ways through which hackers can get info from users. Nobody wants to have his or her information stolen, and nobody wants to see their information used in a wrong way. Proxy servers are the easiest things that people can use in order to protect a user from those kinds of anomaly and malicious intent online. Therefore, accessing websites through freeproxy.net will give users the peace of mind they need when they browse the online world.